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Welcome! I am Ethan Hill, a freelance copywriter and videographer currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. Below is my demo reel and table of contents. Check out the banner for a list of my services.


Table of Contents

Introduction 00:00-00:10

Keepsakes (short film) 00:10-00:21

ID (short film) 00:21-00:29

Rush Week (short film) 00:29-00:37

The Haunting of Martin Hall (short film) 00:37-00:48

Sugar, It's Nice (music video) 00:48-00:59

The Hitman (short film) 00:59-01:13

UCM Homecoming Parade Reel (promotional video) 01:13-01:22 

Bodies Bar (commercial) 01:22-01:33

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